01 April, 2020

About Instagram Ads

Instagram is one of the platforms you should consider for digital marketing. Instagram more than 1 billion worldwide, while Turkey has about 40 million users. This means; It is very easy for your corporate company to reach the most appropriate audience. You just need to pay attention to the strategies prepared by experts.

Are we not going to make it easy for our customers to reach us through such a multi-user platform? Of course we will make it easy. However, we need to reach the right user with the right advertising strategies. In this way, we spend the advertising fee we spend on the right audience. We have compiled things to do before posting ads on Instagram. In this article, we will inform you about the following topics.

• What are Instagram ad marketing models?
• What are ad spaces on Instagram?
• What is the reason we use Instagram ads?
1- What Are Instagram Ad Marketing Models?

Instagram and Facebook offer you multiple options based on your advertising goals. In addition to ads to invite customers to your website, you can place ads to increase engagement on your social media accounts. Some of the benefits of being in the Instagram market for your company;

• Brand awareness
• Access
• Traffic
• Interaction
• Application installs
• Video views
• Finding potential customers
• Messages
• Transformations
• Catalog Sales
• Store Traffic
2- What are ad spaces on Instagram?

• Automatic Ad Spaces:
Advertising spaces that are automatically used to bring your ads to more people and maximize your budget.

• Manual Ad Spaces:
It allows you to manually choose where your ad will appear.The more ad space you choose, the more opportunities you have to reach your target audience and achieve your business goals.

• Flows: Flows high visibility to stay with ads.
• Facebook News Feed
• Instagram Flow
• Facebook Marketplace
• Facebook Video Flows
• FFacebook Right Column
• Instagram Discover
• Messenger Inbox
• Stories: Tell a rich visual story with immersive, fullscreen vertical ads.
• Facebook Stories
• Instagram Stories
• Messenger Stories
• broadcast flows: Get people's attention quickly with your video.
• Facebook Broadcast Flows Videos
• Search: Let people searching on Facebook see your business.
• Messages: Send offers or updates to people who have connected with your business.
• In the Article: Interact with people reading publishers' content.
• Apps and Sites: Expand your reach with advertisements on external apps and websites.
• Audience Network Platform Specific Advertising, Banners and Intermediate Advertising
• Audience Network Award-Winning Videos
• Audience Network In-stream Videos

TİPS: When choosing Instagram ad spaces, you can identify the areas that provide you the best performance from your breakdown reports, manually determine the areas in the ads you create, and get better conversions.

3- What is the reason we use Instagram ads?

• 70% of Instagram users are looking for a brand
• 80% of Instagram users follow a business
• 10 times more interaction rate than Facebook
• 60% of users learn about new products thanks to Instagram.